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Operator Search

Operator Search is a new executive retained search firm built by founders, for founders.


Executive hires can determine the trajectory of your company - finding the right one is hard, and finding the right search partner can be even harder. We will provide you with the right support to build your leadership team, and we'll fully align our incentives because we believe in our work.

Aligned Incentives

We put our money where our mouth is - the majority of our fee is collected when you make the hire, not before.

Deep Domain Expertise

We don’t pretend to be the subject matter experts - we just know where to find and how to engage them to help you avoid costly mistakes, source from the right channels, and design a comprehensive interview slate. For each search, we do a bespoke market map to find the right expertise to put around the table. Hiring a CTO for a Series A fintech company? We’ll speak to the hiring managers that were recently in your shoes and successfully came out the other side.

Case-Based Interviewing

We believe in case-based interview processes. In order to effectively determine candidate fit, you need a case that evaluates the most important aspects of the role. Designing the right case is hard. That’s why we bring in the right experts to help.


Carlo Coronel is the Co-founder and CEO of Operator Search. He has built teams across engineering, product, sales & business development, finance, operations, and talent for early-stage startups and mature, industry-leading organizations. Before founding Operator Search he served as Chief People Officer for Curie.Bio and Imagen Technologies, responsible for all aspects of HR and talent acquisition. Carlo began his talent career at Bridgewater Associates where he hired across investment, technology, and senior leadership. 



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