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Gil Shklarski

General Partner


I am the CTO of Thirty Madison. We provide personalized care and treatment for chronic conditions through Keeps (men's hair loss), Cove (migraine), Nurx (women's health), and Facet (dermatology).


I am passionate about building high-functioning teams, supporting emerging leaders, and tackling technology challenges. I am particularly excited about companies solving the problems I face as a digital-health SaaS CTO: production infrastructure, developer tools, corporate IT, employee productivity, cyber security, and, well, digital health!

I spent most of the last eleven years as the CTO of Flatiron Health, from its inception through its acquisition by Roche in 2018. I grew the technology team to 350 people across software, DevOps, IT, security, product design, and data science before exiting in 2021.

Before that, I had the opportunity to build web-scale data processing systems at Facebook and Microsoft, where I worked to ensure the safety of content, users, and systems. 

Before relocating to the US, I developed high-performance, mission-critical systems as a researcher, consultant, and R&D group manager in elite technology units within Israel's Ministry of Defense. I received there a Ph.D. in scientific computing from Tel-Aviv University.

Prior to Operator Partners, I have invested in multiple technology startups in the US and Israel, including Cardless, Nym Health, Thoropass, Assured Allies, RightBound, Nirvana Health, and Immuta.

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