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Zach Weinberg

General Partner


Zach Weinberg was co-founder, president and COO of both Flatiron Health (acquired by Roche in 2018 for $2b) and Invite Media (acquired by Google in 2010 for $81m).

As an operator, Zach focuses on a few key areas:


  • Product Management: Do we have the right core product and customer strategy? Is our product management process setup correctly for our stage? 

  • Product Marketing & Communications: How are we articulating what we build and why it matters to various stakeholders? 

  • People, People, People: Can we make our recruiting process, culture, and employee experience a competitive advantage?

  • Technical Culture: How do we balance building an amazing tech culture alongside non-technical experts?

  • Sales Process: How do we stand up our initial sales team and slowly transform it into a sales machine at scale?


An active angel investor, Zach has invested in hundreds of technology startups throughout the country, including Bark, Clover Health, Color Genomics, Cometeer, Headway, Hyperscience, Imagen, Plaid, Oscar, RigUp, Ro and Spring Health. A full list is here.

Zach studied economics and entrepreneurship at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania but proudly did not graduate.

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